Much has been written about the ascension process but very little has been written about the actual timeline. In case you are not already aware, our shift to the new dimension includes all components of the 4th dimension and not just our planet. This means that our current solar system will be moving with us including moons, stars and planets to name but a few.

In February 2022 we began our vertical ascent to the 5th dimension. The journey took over three weeks as we traveled through several time zones using quantum time travel technology.   The entire process was overseen by over one thousand groups of Angels and other friends of Earth all of whom are Divine Beings.

Among the many supporting this mammoth project are:

01. The Andromeda Angels 01. The Adelphi
02. The Árian Angels 02. The Alpha Centaurians
03. The Anunnaki 03. The Andromedans
04. The Azúrean Angels 04. The Arcturians
05. The Byzèntian Angels 05. The Delphinius
06. The Crystal Angels 06. The Dòrìens
07. The Emerald Angels 07. The Lemúrians
08. The Fárian Angels 08. The Lùnàrz
09. The Flùvian Angels 09. The Lùpìans
10. The Gregorian Angels 10. The Meridía
11. The Myiàn Angels 11. The Môàns
12. The Nàtivan Angels 12. The Òphèlius
13. The Ômega Angels 13. The Orìons
14. The Pleiadean Angels 14. The Osìrìs
15. The Qárian Angels 15. The Perses
16. The Syièn Angels 16. The Qórà
17. The Star Angels 17. The Qùazarz
18. The Tytàníèn Angels 18. The Sèràphim
19. The Xètán Angels 19. The Sìrìens
20. The Star People
21. The Utópiáns
22. The Venutiens

Without the contributions of these and many other groups not yet listed, this mission would not be possible. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude.