The Qùazarz are an ancient civilization that pre-dates humanity.  The Qùazarz are not of human origin, they are classified as an advanced form of humanoids.  They are very tall and thin with large heads and huge cat like eyes of many colors, fair complexions, small noses and thin lips.  They wear form fitting stretchy material in various colors that covers the entire body, including arms and legs, called ‘unitards’ that are usually worn with belts and plain boots.

The Qùazarz live in a realm beyond the Universe called Qùazâ in a sun system located not far from a beautiful body of light called a luminant that emits light far and wide.  Qùazâ is a small planet with beautiful bands of colorful energy encircling it and twelve moons of various sizes, none of which are inhabited. 

The Qùazarz’s marine biologists spend a great deal of time studying dolphins and their various methods of communication.  They also breed different types of oceanic dolphins of many colors in shades of gray, brown and beige, pale blue, pale green, pale pink and luminescent white, none of which are in captivity.  They are bred in their very own oceans of which there are many!

The Qùazarz have a significant role in our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in process.

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