The Arabians are a remarkable civilization who have inspired so many with their infinite wisdom. The Arabians have medium complexions, dark hair, angular features and philosophical minds. They wear ornate tunics, decorative head bands and rather unusual footwear!

They live on a very large planet called Arábia situated in the outer regions of the Universe. The planet has beautiful crystalline oceans filled with the most amazing marine life, vast nature reserves, lush tropical forests, extensive mountain ranges, intricate subterranean transit systems and elaborate metropolitan cities. It is one of the most beautiful planets in existence today.  They are passionate about their planet and its welfare.

The Arabian culture encompasses a broad spectrum of beliefs that are connected to their love of nature, astronomy and numerology.

The Arabians devote a lot of their time to scientific research. They are masters of space technology and have developed several mobile devices that transmit data through space using solar energy. They have multiple underwater scientific research laboratories that house up to two hundred people and four massive subterranean research laboratories that accommodate several thousand people.

The Arabians formed an alliance with the Tytàníèns and the Tytàns in order to develop several hundred satellites to monitor weather systems across the Universe. This was a huge project that took over ten years to complete due to the size and complexity of each satellite.

The Arabians have contributed so much to the evolution of Humankind and continue to do so. They are prominent members of a recently formed alliance with the Árian angels that was established to maintain peace in certain areas of the outer regions of the Universe.

The Arabians have incarnated on this planet over several millennia and are the originators of the Arabian and Mesopotamian civilizations.

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