Portals serve as gateways to every dimension and plane in the Universe. Portals are used exclusively by Angels in order to access the dimensions they oversee.

There are several different types of portals that are each used for a specific purpose. The most commonly used are those required to access each of the seven primary dimensions in the Universe.

The second most commonly used are those required to access the first, second and third dimensions of each inhabited planet. The least used are those required to transfer materials between dimensions.

Portals are also used to transmit data between multiple dimensions simultaneously and to access the intricate and complex network of energy tunnels that form the links between dimensions and planes across the Universe.

Many portals have unique features that enable travelers to select their preferred route to their destination. Space vessels when in flight can only be accessed through portals. They are also used for time travel which is covered in a separate chapter of this website.

The significance of space travel in the Universe is not yet understood by many people who question its existence. The truth of the matter is that it does. Not only does it exist it is thriving.

There will come a time when we will all have an understanding of the space travel concept and when this time comes it will be the most exciting time in our planet’s history.

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