The Gregorian Angels are a formidable group of savants who travel the Universe in times of uncertainty to share their wisdom and to offer their sanctuary to those who need it. The Gregorians are the direct descendants of an ancient civilization known for its simplistic lifestyle, spiritual beliefs and infinite wisdom. They are the forefathers of the Gregorian monks who once inhabited this planet. When seen these angels are often mistaken for ghosts because of the way they are dressed which is in long brown robes with hoods.

The Gregorian Angels live on a tiny planet called Gregoria situated the outer regions of the Universe. Gregoria may be small but it is packed with diversity and is a very interesting place to visit! It is home to several kinds of exotic wildlife and other protected species who are free to roam over one third of the planet in the most amazing and brilliantly designed nature reserve that is simply breathtaking. The nature reserve is filled with lush forests, crystal clear streams, rivers and lakes. There are also multiple resorts within the confines of the reserve where people can safely observe the surrounding wildlife without disturbing it.

The Gregorian Angels travel at night ‘under the cloak of darkness’ in order to deliver messages to people in times of distress. To be visited by one of these angels is a blessing as it means they are being emotionally or physically protected by them during a period of crisis.

The Gregorian Angels have a significant role in our planet’s enlightenment process and will soon be acknowledged for their major contributions to Humankind. The following Gregorian Angels will be recognized for their specific contributions and they are Angels Arron, Pieter, Dietriech and Lùcien.

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