Angel image signs are frequently used as a method of communication in order to get our attention like butterflies, feathers or coins for instance. These are typically sent to us in dreams or visions.

The most common are listed below:

ANCHOR:   An anchor symbolizes stability.

BEAR:   A bear symbolizes strength.

BUTTERFLY:  A butterfly symbolizes a message from a loved one in spirit.

CAT:   A cat symbolizes playfulness.

CATERPILLAR:   A caterpillar symbolizes a metamorphosis.

COBRA:   A cobra symbolizes a warning.

DEER:   A symbolizes love.

DOG:   A dog symbolizes protection.

DOLPHIN:   A dolphin symbolizes freedom.

DOVE:   A dove symbolizes peace.

DRAGONFLY:  A dragonfly symbolizes a message from a loved one in spirit.

EAGLE:   An eagle symbolizes freedom.

FEATHERS:   A feather symbolizes a sign from an angel.

FOUNTAIN:   A fountain symbolizes abundance.

FOX:   A fox symbolizes dishonesty.

GOLD COINS:   Gold coins symbolize prosperity.

HARP:   A harp symbolizes music.

HAWK:   A hawk symbolizes protection.

HORSE: A horse symbolizes strength of character.

HORSESHOE:   A horseshoe symbolizes good luck.

ISLAND:   An island symbolizes isolation.

KEY:   A large gold key symbolizes a new business venture.

LADDER:   A ladder symbolizes a career advancement.

LAMB:   A lamb symbolizes vulnerability.

LION:   A lion symbolizes leadership.

MASK:   A mask symbolizes deceit.

MOLE:   A mole symbolizes a solution.

MONKEY:   A monkey symbolizes happiness.

MOUSE:   A mouse symbolizes insecurity.

OSTRICH:   An ostrich symbolizes denial.

OWL:   An owl symbolizes wisdom.

PEGASUS:   A Pegasus symbolizes freedom.

PEN:  A pen symbolizes writing.

RABBITS:   A rabbit symbolizes a birth or a rebirth.

RAINBOW:   A rainbow symbolizes joy.

RAVEN:   A raven symbolizes deceit.

RED ROSE:   A red rose symbolizes love.

ROOSTER:   A rooster symbolizes arrogance.

SILVER BELLS:   Silver bells symbolize a wedding.

SPIDER’S WEB:   A spider’s web symbolizes deceit.

SLEEPING BUDDHA:   A sleeping buddha symbolizes a spiritual awakening.

STAG:   A stag symbolizes a financial gain.

SUITCASE:   A suitcase symbolizes travel.

SUN:   A sun symbolizes a new beginning.

SWORD:   A sword symbolizes a disagreement.

TORTOISE:   A tortoise symbolizes anxiety.

TRUMPET:   A trumpet symbolizes a celebration.

WHITE SWAN:   A white swan symbolizes serenity.

WHITE WINGS:   Wings symbolize the presence of an angel.

WOLF:   A wolf symbolizes an end to something.

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