The Môàns are an ancient civilization who pre-date the universe. The Môàns are not of human origin, they are classified as Deyads. They are divine beings who somewhat resemble humans however they are far more advanced.  They are of average height and build, fair to medium complexions with slanted eyes of many colors.  They favor long colorful clothing, ornate jewelry, decorative headwear and rather unusual footwear.

The Môàns live in a divine realm known as Môanûs in a unique sun system situated in the outer regions of the Universe. The sun system is a complex creation of the Môàns that took seven centuries to complete. Unlike most sun systems this one has multiple components that are not found anywhere else.  The components of the Môàn sun system that make it unique are the different structures of each of the moons, their intricate dimensions and the criss-cross pattern in which they overlap. There are no planets or stars, only moons of different sizes none of which orbit the sun in the same manner.  There are over 200 moons most of which are inhabited by the Môàns while the rest are used by scientists for research and development of new space technology.

The Môàns are a significant part of our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in progress.

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