The Divine Matrix captures the essence of what a spiritual evolution encompasses and that is enlightened comprehension.  Religious, spiritual and metaphysical beliefs have been written about in great depth over the centuries, but very little has been updated.  For those who wish to learn more about these subjects, the best source of information is typically from people who have written about their own experiences.

My experience with metaphysical subjects is extensive. I have seen dozens of divine beings in my home, my car, restaurants and stores since I was first contacted by them many years ago. In the early days I had at least six Archangels in my home around the clock. This lasted for several years while I spent most of my time writing about numerous metaphysical subjects. In the meantime approximately two years after my spiritual journey began, I found myself visually tuning in to a group of Angels I had not seen before. I saw them in the strong ethereal sense in my apartment living room like they were on a balcony beneath the ceiling. It was not long before the rest of my apartment living room ‘opened up’ in its entirety then I could see many different Angel groups all around me going about their daily business. Later it dawned on me they were on a spaceship, and I had the chance to see what it looked like from the inside, but what I was not told at the time was that they were on their way to Earth to prepare for our spiritual transition.

One of my passions connects to the ability of designing websites and creating videos for my YouTube Channels.  In addition, I love to teach classes about metaphysical subjects, particularly showing people how to connect with their Angels.

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