The term ‘ancient aliens’ can be very confusing and misleading because in a sense we are all ancient aliens. Very few of us are here only once.  For the most part people have been incarnating here since the first humans set foot on the planet. 

A much better title for this chapter would be ‘extraterrestrials’ as it is more appropriate because it refers to intelligent life (human or otherwise) originating, existing or occurring outside the earth and its atmosphere.

There are so many groups of humans and other beings who traverse the Universe in order to live a life here so they can learn about our unique cultures, ecosystems, fauna, flora, geology, habitats, infrastructure, oceanography and traditions.

We will be acquiring more knowledge about ancient civilizations, that are far more advanced than we are led to believe, during our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’ which is currently in progress.  It is extremely important to know that Humankind will continue on its path of evolution that in time will make Earth the most significant planet in the Universe.

While it is hard to imagine life itself is an eternal evolution!

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