The Lùnàrz are an ancient civilization that have been in existence since the Universe was created. The Lùnàrz are not of human origin, they are classified as an advanced form of humanoids whose appearance resembles ours. They are tall with enigmatic eyes of many colors.  The females typically wear long dresses, ornate jewelry, decorative headwear and elegant footwear.  The males typically wear tailored tunics, simple headwear and elegant footwear.

The Lùnàrz live on a rather large planet called Lùnà in a large sun system located in a remote part of the Universe where life is quite different from ours, not because of the people who live there but because of the extreme and unpredictable weather patterns.  They live in diamond-shaped homes with beautiful underground caverns where they spend most of their time during the planet’s exceedingly cold winters.  The seasons are totally different from ours.  There are three winter seasons, three spring seasons and three summer seasons!  Their favorite season is spring when all of the planet’s exotic flora and fauna come to life.

The Lùnàrz are very spiritual people who believe that the creation of life is far more complex than we could ever imagine and in a place so sacred we will never find it.  They also believe that owls are signs of good fortune whenever they are seen.  It is not unusual to find statues of owls in their homes for good luck.

The Lùnàrz have a significant role to play in this planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in progress.

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