First of all it is important to understand that we are never sent here to suffer. Life here is a finite one and eventually we will leave it.  The good news is that once we leave this life we step right into another one.

Death itself, although feared by most, is a simple and fast process. The second our body stops functioning the soul leaves it and immediately crosses over accompanied by Angels.

Sadly most die because of a disease of some sort and this is the hardest part of all.  In certain circumstances if the soul is extremely distressed it will remove itself then death will take place sooner than expected.  The cross over process is the same.

On a positive note as soon as we leave the third dimension of our planet, we remain in the same physical form completely free of illness until we arrive in the second dimension of our planet where we are met by our relatives and pets.

No matter how we die we are always accompanied by Angels who are responsible for safely transporting us to the next dimension.

Reference:  Prelude To Death

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