The year 2012 marked the beginning of a new era for Humankind one that will change the way we evolve as humans on this planet. There are seven phases that will take place over approximately six decades that will be officially known as the Age of Enlightenment.  The phases are as follows:

2012: PHASE ONE – ‘The Dawn of Enlightenment’ 

2019: PHASE TWO – ‘Advancement of Mediumship’ 

2022: PHASE THREE – ‘Insight’ 

2025: PHASE FOUR – ‘Ancient Mysteries and Signs’

2028: PHASE FIVE – ‘Evolution of Humankind’

2031: PHASE SIX – ‘The Universe and its Origins’

2034: PHASE SEVEN – ‘Evolution of Space Travel’

It has always been a vision of our Angels to create peace for Humanity through the evolution of synchronicity and the devolution of fear.

Reference:  Principles of Enlightenment

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