A clairsentient child is someone who has the ability to feel or sense the energies of people, places or things and/or to sense past, present or future events.

It is extremely important for adults not to ignore their children when they display signs of anxiety, fear or withdrawal that they cannot explain. Clairsentient children pick up on other people’s emotions particularly when they are negative and this often frightens them. When these children are constantly surrounded by negativity they can develop anxiety or withdrawal symptoms, this is because they absorb these negative energies like a sponge and do not know what to do with them. When this happens it is crucial for the well being of these children to remove them from any negative situations and to protect them from any negative influences.

Clairsentient children tend to shy away from people they feel they cannot trust or places that make them feel ill at ease. In these cases they should be given the benefit of the doubt and not forced to do that which makes them feel uncomfortable.

Clairsentient children become emotionally attached to their possessions which is a trait they carry with them through adulthood. These children once they become adults have trouble throwing anything away because of the sentimental value they have placed on their possessions.

One of the most wonderful qualities of clairsentient children is their ability to love unconditionally which means that they are extremely loyal to anyone who befriends them.

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