Being human is a unique experience in every sense of the word!

First off humans were the first beings to define the blueprint of what an ideal species should be and that is a beautiful mind, an eternal soul, the capability to love and the ability to communicate unabashedly.

Humans were among the first species to be created and were the fastest to evolve.  Humans alone were responsible for the creation of the first Universe and for the six that followed.  They were also responsible for the development of life in the Universe.

Believe it or not female humans were created long before the male human species!  This is because the female species is a force to be reckoned with wherever life exists.  Not only that, but females are most likely to do whatever it takes to get the job done no matter how dire the circumstances.

Another side to being human is the adverse effect emotional pain can have on the soul, particularly when love is involved.

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