The Meridía are an ancient civilization who pre-date the Universe. The Meridía are not of human origin, they are classified as an advanced form of humanoids whose appearance resembles ours. They are very tall with fair to dark complexions.  The males favor plain long robes with hoods and simple sandals while the females like to wear colorful long dresses, ornate jewelry and decorative sandals.

They live in a realm called Meridiànà located in a beautiful star system known for its iconic colorful star clusters. Meridiànà has been home to the Meridía ever since its creation.  It is a small planet and quite different from Earth in composition.  There are no ‘cities’ as such however they do have rather unusual structures scattered all over the planet including an extensive transit system that encompasses the entire planet.  The transit system is an amazing accomplishment as it traverses both land and all oceans of which there are many.  This method is the safest way to travel across the planet!

Meridía’s marine biologists devote their time researching the incredible amount of exotic marine life in each of the planet’s oceans that are home to a third of the planet’s biodiversity, with innumerable species being discovered almost daily.  Studies focus on the diversity of wildlife that inhabit these waters, their significance and their conservation.

The Meridía have a significant role in our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in process and will be working with the Nàtivan Angels on multiple projects concerning marine life conservation.

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