Psychic children are also known as ’empaths’, ‘intuitives’, or ‘clairvoyants’.  Psychic abilities usually include clairaudience (the ability to hear telepathic messages or sounds), clairsentience (the ability to sense emotions very strongly) and clairvoyance (the ability to ‘see’ telepathically). Many kids who have psychic abilities also sense the presence of paranormal energies that can affect their demeanor, concentration or sleep.

Parents may notice their children talking to ‘invisible’ people who talk or even play with them however this can often be misunderstood. The chances are they are seeing actual spirits of relatives regardless of whether they have met them or their Angels who look as real to them as any other person would.  Furthermore they are able to describe what they see in great detail sometimes even with names. This is quite normal and is not to be feared.

Psychic children often have the tendency to believe that they are different from other kids because of their ability to see and hear paranormal phenomena which is sad because they should be nurtured and made to feel special. This is particularly significant when one or both parents have similar abilities so they can explain to their kids what being psychic is all about.  In summary children who are psychic are crucial to the spiritual evolution of this planet.

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