Children who are born with metaphysical (psychic) abilities are easier to identify once you know what to look for. These are some of the traits that may help you to determine if your child has metaphysical abilities:

*  Above average intelligence

*  Curiosity about family members who have died

*  Inability to focus or easily distracted

*  Unexplained mood swings

*  Fear of the dark

*  Sleep disturbances

*  Clairsentient (sensitivity to people, places or things)

*  Conversations with invisible friends

*  Ability to see spirits or angels

*  Separation anxiety

Many children block their metaphysical abilities after they enter adulthood because they were frightened by them and because it made them feel different from other children. Sadly when this happens these children often find themselves going through life without a sense of purpose.

These gifted children are sent here to share their knowledge of the afterlife and to give people the validation they seek by delivering messages and guidance from their loved ones in spirit.

What most people do not realize is how significant metaphysical children are to the future of this planet and to the evolution of Humanity.

Reference:  Mediumship

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