The Tytàníèns live on a beautiful planet called Tytìen situated in the outer regions of the Universe. Tytìen has a myriad of stunning crystal caves and a thriving cottage industries that design and make the most exquisite crystal, gold and platinum jewelry. Tytìen is known for its spectacular scenery and magnificent flora and fauna.

Tytàníèns have medium complexions, dark hair, beautiful eyes and are all healers. They love to wear colorful robes and tunics, intricate hair adornments and ornate shoes.

The Tytàníèns are an integral part of the transition to enlightenment and will be working alongside the Árian Angels and Pleiadean Angels overseeing the entire process. They have a wealth of knowledge about the metaphysical aspect of the transition that will be documented in a future website about its complexity.

The Tytàníèns are an ancient civilization whose only incarnation on this planet was in Indonesia during the Sailendra Dynasty. The Tytàníèns have contributed to our planet’s history in so many ways and are the originators of the Indonesian and Papua New Guinea civilizations.

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