Archangel Kàm is one the highest ranking angels in the Universe.  He is 32 Earth years in appearance, 6’2½” tall with a medium tan complexion, dark brown eyes and jet black hair worn loose to his shoulders. He is usually seen wearing blue jeans and a sleeveless white shirt. Kàm is from the Sanctuary of Ária however he is not from the Universe originally. His origins are sacred.

Kàm is one of the leading authorities on space travel, trans-dimensional travel and paraphysical travel. He was the first angel to travel between dimensions using telepathically induced motion and the first angel to use a form of telepathic communication known as a universal transponder.

Kàm is responsible for multiple technological advancements that are used exclusively by angels and these include sensors to track unauthorized satellite devices, radars to monitor unauthorized entry into angel realms and navigational equipment used for space travel.

In his spare time Kàm loves to draw and design intricate structures, automobiles and motorcycles.  He loves children and is known for his ability to heal those suffering from neurological diseases.

Archangel Kàm is an integral part of this planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’ currently in progress, and will be working alongside Archangel Ária and Archangel David on multiple projects.

Reference: Árian Angels

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