The Lionesque, also known as ‘the lion people’ are in fact metamorphs or more commonly known as shapeshifters.  Even more interesting is that they are humans and are classified as Divine Beings.  

The Lionesque come from a distant realm beyond the Omniverse known as the Kingdom of Dreams.  It is so called due to its mesmerizing rainbow colored energy bands that encircle the planet.   

The planet is a place that dreams are made of.  It has lush tropical rain forests, home to the most unusual animals and exotic birds, spectacular waterfalls and a myriad of unusual underground tunnels.  There are no cities as such, instead there are large clusters of towering structures that contain beautiful homes for all who inhabit the planet.  

The Lionesque are very powerful healers.  They extract healing energy from multiple sources, the primary source being components from the rainbow energy bands surrounding the planet.

The Lionesque are an integral part of our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’ currently in progress.  They will be working with Archangels Ária, Ariana, James, Kàm, Nathaniel, Raphael, Zadkìél, and many other angel healers.

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