The Dawn of Enlightenment began 30th January 2012 and will end 13th May 2019. This phase is divided into four stages that will define the preliminary objective of the enlightenment process.

Stage One – ‘Spiritual Awakenings’

During this stage Angels of Enlightenment will be ‘awakening’ Angel Channelers, Spirit Channelers, Star Channelers and Energy Healers who have not yet connected to their mediumship abilities or who do not have a proper understanding of them.

Stage Two – ‘Introduction to the Archangels of the Universe’

During this stage we will learn the identities of the many Archangels currently assigned to this planet.  We will also be given information about their classification, duties and the Angel groups they belong to.

Stage Three – ‘Introduction to the Ancient Prophets’

During this stage we will learn about the Ancient Prophets from across the Universe who were the founders of our ancient civilizations.

Stage Four – ‘Introduction to the Angel Groups of the Universe’

In this last stage we will learn about the diverse and multi-cultural Angel groups of the Universe of which there are many.

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