The Delphinius are an ancient civilization that pre-dates humanity.  The Delphinius are not of human origin, they are classified as an advanced form of humanoids whose appearance resembles ours.  They are tall with enigmatic eyes.  The males favor three-quarter length tunics of many colors over trousers and the females typically wear colorful long dresses, ornate jewelry and simple footwear.

The Delphinius live in a realm far beyond the Universe called Delphinia in a large sun system containing thousands of planets, millions of stars and moons. Delphinia has the most amazing geological composition with an underground tunnel system that extends for thousands of miles around the inner circle of the planet that leads to the most exquisite inner sanctum, a sacred place where the Delphinius go for spiritual or physical healing.  The sanctum contains a large lake with crystalline water that is known for its healing powers.

At first glance the surface of Delphinia appears very much like our planet with an abundance of flora, fauna and exotic marine life.  However the planet has more oceans than it does land mass.  There are many hidden treasures camouflaged by nature that are of great significance to those who discover them.  The ‘treasures’ are the remains of sacred sites that were built by their ancestors.

The Delphinius are of great importance during our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in progress.  They will be working alongside several groups of Angels on multiple projects connected to Mankind’s pathway to space travel

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