The Cherubim are an ancient civilization whose origins are similar to those of the Sèràphim.  They are magical fairy-like creatures known as sprites.  They have physical forms very similar to humans except they have wings of many colors.  They have an eclectic taste in attire and love to wear unusual designs in very bright colors.

The Cherubim hail from the outer regions of the Omniverse in an area where daylight prevails.  Their habitat is a large planet surrounded by beautiful bright star-like luminants.  The planet is an unusual one because of its complex structure of caverns and tunnels that encompass the entire planet. While this might be difficult for many to imagine these beautiful beings live ‘inside’ their planet!

There is also plenty of life on the planet’s surface which is home to dragon-like creatures of many species.  These creatures somewhat resemble the Pterodactyls that once inhabited our planet millions of years ago.

The Cherubim have a significant role to play in our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’ currently in progress. They will be working with the Azúrean Angels on multiple projects.

The Cherubim are nomadic beings who spend a great deal of their time traversing the Omniverse spreading joy wherever they go.

Reference:  Ancient Aliens

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