The Afterlife (also known as ‘Heaven’) chapters of my website cover several subjects connected to the transition process when we die.  Chapters include ‘Death Explained‘, ‘Prelude to Death‘, ‘Crossing  Over‘ and ‘Point of Transit‘.  The final chapter will be ‘Going Home‘ that has yet to be written.  The good news is that there is life after death and plenty of it!

There are so many misunderstandings about a future life after we leave this one which is why so many people do not believe in it.  The truth is that ‘Heaven’ for most inhabitants of this planet is where we were based before we were sent here and so that is where we return to after this life is over.

In a future chapter of this website I will write in more detail about what happens in the afterlife, how it connects to the life we are in and how we continue to evolve once we have departed this this planet. While we continue to explore the elements that connect us to the Afterlife, there will come a time when the signs we are sent will be easier to understand.

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