The Moon Children are divine beings who first incarnated on this planet in 2012. They hail from a planet called Gúndria situated in a remote corner of our galaxy approximately 500 light years from Earth. Gúndria is a magnificent cluster of crystalline rock like formations that is home to three groups of humans and they are Moon Children, Crystal Children and Earth People.

Moon Children have very distinctive eyes that resemble those of a cat. The iris is either yellow flecked with gold specs, pale gray flecked with silver specks or blue with crystalline formations resembling a kaleidoscope. All Moon Children have large crescent shaped jet black pupils. They have delicate features and small frames with an average height of 4’2″.

The majority of Moon Children are direct descendants of the Pleiadeans. Their name is a little misleading as they are not directly connected to any particular moon. They are referred to as ‘Moon Children’ or ‘night’ people because they do not rely on sun energy in order to survive.

Moon Children will in time be acknowledged for their most amazing discovery and that is how to produce natural light and energy from crystals.

Reference: Ancient Realms

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