The universe where we live is one of seven that all interconnect symmetrically. Each universe contains similar components and inhabitants, however they are all different in size. The original universe, home to Earth, is in the center of the multiverse surrounded by the other six.  

The original universe has been in the existence for over twenty billion years. Once it was completed among the first components added were galaxies, moons, nebulas, planets, solar systems and star systems.  The remaining universes combined are approximately seventeen billion years old.

The fundamental principles of the multiverse are unique to the rhythm it gyrates and to the extreme density created by it’s velocity.  The interesting part of space is the rapid rate at which it evolves.  This means that the multiverse is forever expanding.

The multiverse is as diverse as it is unique.  There is so much beauty and unimaginable kaleidoscopic components that it would be virtually impossible to cover all of it.  That said I will be writing about subjects that my guides believe are the most significant so we can learn about the most amazing habitat ever created.

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