The Dòrìens are an ancient civilization with an enchanting history. They are not of human origin, they are classified as elphins who somewhat resemble humans.  The Dòrìens are tiny creatures with pointed ears that resemble those of ‘elves’. The female species also have wings . They are an eclectic group with an eccentric style of clothing.  They are also one of life’s mysteries as their origins are unknown.

The Dòrìens live on a little planet called Dòrea situated in the Constellation of Taurus, a large and prominent constellation that you can see during Northern Hemisphere winter and spring (or Southern Hemisphere summer and fall) in the evening sky.  Dòrea is a very unusual planet indeed!  It has no cities, oceans, mountains or any form of transit system. It has a myriad of tunnels that criss-cross the planet in its entirety that are used solely by the males. The females on the other hand use their wings to get about.

The planet’s surface is covered in lush greenery that conceals sparkling lagoons, caverns and mystical creatures with magical powers. Dòrea is truly the most mysterious planet of its kind and will be much talked about during our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in progress.

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