The Flùvian Angels are among the highest regarded people outside the Universe and are considered to be the most intelligent. The Flùvians have contributed towards the evolution of this planet in ways that are unimaginable. They live on a large planet called Flùvia situated in the outer regions of the Universe. Flùvia is a beautiful planet with vast mountain ranges and dense forests that can be seen from space. Flùvia also has the most amazing flora and fauna that have to be seen to be believed!

The Flùvian Angels have fair to medium complexions with angular features, light to dark hair worn with decorative adornments and a beautiful mind. They prefer to wear ornate tunics adorned with intricate jewelry and rather unusual footwear.

The Flùvian Angels are metaphysicians of the highest order and are known for their supreme knowledge of all things metaphysical. They are also known for their philosophical teachings all over the Universe. The Flùvian Angels have an enormous regard for Mankind and its accomplishments. They have followed the evolution of this planet with great interest and are particularly fond of our planet’s complex geographical boundaries as well as its intricate geological composition.

The Flùvians Angels are an integral part of this planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in progress.

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