The third phase of the enlightenment process is one of ‘Insight’ that begins 21st October 2022 and ends 16th December 2025. During this phase we will acquire comprehensive knowledge about our origins.

The ‘Insight‘ phase is divided into three stages: ‘In The Beginning‘, ‘The Blue Planet‘ and ‘The Inner Sanctums‘.

Stage One – ‘In The Beginning’

During this stage we will have a deeper understanding about the uniqueness of our planet, why it was created and where it came from. Not only that but true story about how humans prepopulated the planet and how they arrived here.

Stage Two – ‘The Blue Planet’

During this stage we will learn about the true significance of this planet’s massive and spectacular underwater cave systems and their whereabouts. We will also learn about our magnificent oceans and their many hidden treasures.

Stage Three – ‘The Inner Sanctums’

During this stage we will learn about the ‘inner sanctums’ of our planet that are fundamental for its evolution.

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