The Sèràphim are tiny fairy-like creatures known as sprites. They have physical forms very similar to humans except they have wings that are translucent.  They have fair to medium complexions and beautiful kaleidoscopic eyes.  Their clothing is eccentric to say the least!  They wear colorful gowns in exquisite colors and designs, unusual headdresses and slipper-like shoes.

The Sèràphim are an enigmatic species that are mistakenly called Angels however they are not classified as such.  It is an easy mistake to make as they often resemble them. 

Angels and the Sèràphim share a lengthy history, one that cannot be defined because of its complexity, diversity and infinite wisdom.

The Sèràphim hail from a beautiful place beyond the Universe known as the illuminated zone which is an area filled with millions of bright star-like energies called luminants. Their original habitat resembles a rather large cone-shaped sphere of many layers. However because they are a nomadic species they have no fixed abode.

The Sèràphim are funny, kind, loving and extremely compassionate beings.  Moreover they are metaphysical healers of the unconventional kind. They do not use healing modalities of any sort instead they use themselves!  They simply merge with the form of whomever needs to be healed until the illness has dissipated completely.

The Sèràphim have a major role in our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ and will be working alongside the Xètán Angels.

Reference:  Ancient Aliens

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