Reincarnation is always a topic of huge debate.  There is a widespread belief that we have all lived more than one life on this planet.   While many are skeptical I believe that there is sufficient evidence to prove this theory.

From the dawn of civilization our ancestry has had an enormous impact on what we are today.  It is very difficult to imagine how we all got here, particularly when there is very little information published about our origins.

Reincarnation is when someone returns to a former place of abode to accomplish a mission or to complete unfinished business from a previous life.  In each case the individual is given a clear directive of what is expected and the reason for its return.  Sometimes several groups of people reincarnate around the same time because they were a significant part of specific situations involving more than one individual or in order to fulfill a special mission on behalf of Humanity.

The reason so many people have multiple lives is to have a better understanding of our Universe and all of its inhabitants.  While this may seem rather controversial it is a reality and a beneficial learning experience.

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