This is quite an extraordinary chapter of this website because it addresses the somewhat delicate topic of death. Our departure from this life signifies the end of our assignment to this planet and not the end of life as we know it. The moment our physical form ceases to function we leave this life in energy form accompanied by three angels and commence the simple process of crossing over from the third dimension to the second dimension of this planet without fear and free of any physical ailments.

The second dimension of this planet is an exact replica of the third dimension and was created specifically by our angels to provide those of us leaving this life with a familiar environment in which to transit so that we will not feel disoriented once we have crossed over.

When we arrive in the second dimension of this planet all of our memories and emotional attachments of the life we left behind remain intact. The only emotion we leave behind is fear. Our physical form is restored to optimum health by our angels as is our appearance.

The most incredible part of crossing over to the second dimension for those of us leaving this life is the instant realization that we are not dead and that our life continues to thrive but in another dimension in time. In other words it is a time of rejuvenation and a renewal of hope.

I will be writing in greater detail about the entire process of crossing over in the near future.

Reference:  Point of Transit

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