The Árian Angels are the highest ranking angels in the Universe today. They live on a very large planet in a remote corner of the Universe called the Sanctuary of Ária however they are not from the Universe originally. Their origins are sacred.

The Sanctuary of Ária is a beautiful planet with resplendent spired cities, majestic mountain ranges, massive crystal caverns, lush tropical forests, exotic flora, pristine oceans and wildlife parks. The planet is encircled by seven bands of multicolored energies and over seven hundred moons. These moons are uninhabited and can be seen from the planet twenty four hours a day.

The Árian Angels are known around the Universe for the incredible work that they do and for the many types of technology they have introduced. They are also responsible for the formation of multiple groups of space transit systems that transcend three thousand time zones in a parallel Universe ten times the size of ours. They are the largest group in the Universe today and subsequently are the most diverse because of the complex nature of their assignments.

The Árian Angels will be recognized for their significant contributions to Humankind and also for their involvement in this planet’s enlightenment process. There are many Árian Angels who will also be acknowledged for their contributions to Humanity and they are Archangels Ária, Árièl, Ariana, Athena, Bàltazàr, David, Gabriel, Jonathen, Jòphìél, Lawrence, Luke, Mary Magdalene, Matthew, Michael, Paul, Peter, Phillip, Raphael, Sàndalphón, Simon and Ùriél.

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