The Myiàn Angels are an extraordinary group of angels who come from a planet called Myia situated in the outer regions of the Universe in an area known for its unusual weather patterns. Myia is a beautiful planet with the most outstanding scenery and is known for its animal sanctuaries and spectacular waterfalls that extend for hundreds of miles and are anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 feet in height.

The Myiàn Angels have an abundance of love and compassion for children with multiple disabilities and are often assigned to them on our planet as guardians and/or mentors.  The Myiàns also are passionate about the welfare of animals and cannot tolerate animal abuse.

The Myiàn Angels are very tall with an average height of six feet! They have pale complexions with striking multi-colored eyes that resemble prisms and waist length hair in various colors typically worn in a pony tail or loose with elaborate head bands. These angels wear magnificent tunics adorned with gold and platinum jewelry.

These Angels are known for their extraordinary healing abilities and for their unusual healing methods, many of whom are here to work alongside the Emerald Angels with our planet’s enlightenment process. The Myiàn Angels will soon be recognized for their significant contributions to Humankind.

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