The Corínthians are ancient prophets and a much loved civilization renown for their philosophical teachings across the Universe. They are spiritual people who believe that the foundation for a peaceful existence comes with the knowledge that life is the essence of their survival and must be protected.

The Corínthians live on a very large planet inside the Universe called Corinthia which is known for its outstanding natural beauty. Corinthia is home to several exotic animal groups who live in peaceful nature reserves all over the planet. They are passionate about animal welfare and go to great lengths to ensure they are well cared for. Corinthia has an abundance of lush tropical forests, exquisite flora and fauna, pristine beaches, crystal clear oceans, extensive mountain ranges and incredibly long rivers.

The Corínthians are metaphysicians of the highest order and have the ability to connect with anyone in the Universe telepathically which is quite an accomplishment. The Corínthians use several different methods to acquire information about the Universe and its inhabitants so they can monitor its safety, one of them being to transmit data using energy channels that can relay information in the blink of an eye.

The Corínthians have an amazing capability to change the outcome of any given situation by simply stepping into the future and altering it! They can also transport themselves anywhere in the Universe in record time telepathically!

The Corínthians have contributed to the evolution of this planet in many ways, one of them being by sharing their philosophical knowledge through multiple incarnations over several millennia. The Corínthians are the originators of the Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian civilizations.

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