The Ômega Angels are divided into four groups each with their own realm in the outer regions of the Universe. They are a diverse group of angels who will be featured in a future website about the ancient realms of the Universe. They are best known for their quantum telepathic communication techniques that transcend time. They are the ‘magicians’ of teleportation and holographic imagery. Ômega Angels are quantum metaphysicians of the highest order and are considered to be the masters of telepathic artistry.

The Ômega Angels have the utmost respect for all living creatures and cannot abide cruelty of any kind. They are fiercely protective of their habitat, a four-dimensional sphere-like energy tunnel shrouded in mist that literally ‘floats’ through space. This particular type of habitat is known as an ômega vector. Ômega vectors are complex multi-tiered abodes that contain the most amazing topography, geometric shaped mountains and a myriad of beautiful therapeutic whirlpools of many colors nestled in lush tropical forests where Ômega Angels go to relax.

There are many groups of Angels working on our planet’s transition of enlightenment but the Ômega Angels are one of the most significant and this is because they are responsible for the construction of multiple telepathic communication networks that will be utilized by all angels assigned to the transition, be they inside the Universe or its outer regions. This is a tremendous undertaking that has taken several decades to perfect because of its complexity. Construction of the networks commenced 2nd January 2013 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the first phase of our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in progress.

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