This unique civilization is considered to be an imaginary place where life was perfect.  Subsequently it was dismissed as fiction. In reality the Utópiáns have been in existence longer than most currently ancient civilizations known to the people of this planet.

The Utópiáns are not of human origin, they are an advanced form of humanoids. They are a gentle race who believe that life was created so that every being no matter their appearance could evolve equally and without prejudice.  The Utópiáns are diminutive in stature with pale complexions and large eyes of many colors. Their clothing consists of plain long tunics and simple footwear. They live in crystalline domes with intricate interiors and an extensive array of beautiful crystal artifacts.

The Utópiáns are from a distant galaxy situated in another section of the Universe where life is sparse and diverse.  They inhabit multiple planets of different sizes the largest being Utópiá which is their primary base.  A colossal and incredibly complex observatory was purposefully built to detect space anomalies, space debris and unauthorized intergalactic travel.  The observatory is perfectly positioned to monitor not just their galaxy but light years beyond it.

The Utópiáns designed a new form of abode comprising a square or triangular base and sloping sides that meet in a point at the top.  We now know them as Pyramids.  The design was introduced to the Egyptians circa 2600 living quarters with several chambers and passages. They were specifically designed to be lived in and their unique composition to keep out the extreme heat.  Instead most pyramids were used as tombs or monuments.  An explanation as to why this happened with be covered in a future chapter of this website.

The Utópiáns have contributed in countless ways to the evolution of Mankind.  For this and many other reasons they have a significant role in our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ alongside the Andromeda Angels.

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