The Qórà are a highly advanced group of prophets whose origins are a complete mystery.  The Qórà are not of human origin, they are classified as Deyads who are divine beings who somewhat resemble humans.  They are of average height with eyes of multiple colors.  They typically wear decorative long robes, ornate headwear and elaborate footwear.

The Qórà live in a divine realm known as Qóryànà in a sun system in a different Universe from ours on a relatively small planet called Èós that is surrounded by tiny spheres of bright light.  They live in simple abodes built on stilts that are elevated several feet above ground.

The Qórà spend much of their time in deep meditation where they are shown events up to two earth years before they occur anywhere life exists. During meditation they are transported to another realm telepathically to see firsthand what will take place and how to prevent them from happening. The amount of time they remain in meditation depends on how many events they are shown.  These meditations can last up to twelve hours!  Once the meditations are transcribed they are dispatched immediately to the Árian Angels who in turn send them to the appropriate dominions.

The Qórà have a crucial role working directly with the Árian Angels during this planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in progress.

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