This is a very interesting subject as it addresses the somewhat delicate issue as to where our beloved pets go when they die. Most people refer to it as Rainbow Bridge or Pet Heaven. In this article I explain what happens when domestic cats and dogs leave this life.

Before a cat or dog dies a place is secured for them in an Animal Sanctuary called Euphares situated in the second dimension of this planet.  After death an emissary from Euphares is sent to collect the pet.  During the ‘crossing over’ process the animal is restored to its original form, only younger and in optimum health!   Upon arrival at the sanctuary the animals are cared for until they are reassigned to this planet in order to spend a new life here.  In many cases they are sent back to be reunited with their former owners who will either find or adopt them when the time is right. The new pet may not look exactly the same as the one they lost, but there will be something very familiar about it!  

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