The original definition of an angel was someone who aspired to become a part of an elite group of advanced humans known for their work as samaritans in an area called the ‘Aleya Realm’ situated in the outer regions of the Universe.

Over time angels evolved as protagonists of a new era for Humanity that became known as ‘The Age of Evolution’.  During this time several major advancements were made, one of which being the development of a dense area of space that later became known as the Universe.

Nowadays angels are people who are recruited from the Universe and beyond to work as humanitarians wherever there is a need for their unique methods of evolution, synchronization and protection.

Angels are chosen for their resilience, compassion, vision, integrity, versatility and ingenuity. Angels are put through a vigorous training program that lasts two years followed by a comprehensive internship where they are placed in what can best be described as boot camps for a further two years. Before they graduate angels are required to participate in multiple assignments that are closely monitored by their commanding officers. During these assignments angels are assessed for their overall performance and for their ability to work under extreme pressure.

The life of an angel is one of great fulfillment and enjoyment but it also involves periods of extreme stress whenever they are sent on long assignments that can last several decades away from loved ones.

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