Phases of Enlightenment. There are a total of seven phases that make up this massive transition for Humankind and they are as follows:

2012: PHASE ONE – ‘The Dawn of Enlightenment’  Completed!

The first phase of the transition began 30th January 2012 and ends 13th May 2019. This is the most significant phase of the transition because it has multiple stages and because of the knowledge we will acquire about angels and their origins.

2019: PHASE TWO – ‘Advancement of Mediumship’  Completed! 

The second phase of the transition begins 14th May 2019 and ends 20th October 2022. This phase will bring about a new form of communication with angels and other human groups around the Universe.

2022: PHASE THREE – ‘Insight’ ▶️ Currently in progress.

The third phase of the transition begins 21st October 2022 and ends 16th December 2025. During this phase we will acquire knowledge about our origins.

2025: PHASE FOUR – ‘Ancient Mysteries and Signs’

The fourth phase of the transition begins 17th December 2025 and ends 18th February 2028. During this phase several of Earth’s ancient mysteries and signs will be revealed to us.

2028: PHASE FIVE – ‘Evolution of Humankind’

The fifth phase of the transition begins 19th February 2028 and ends 26th April 2031. During this phase we will understand the significance of our role as humans in the Universe.

2031: PHASE SIX – ‘The Universe and its Origins’

The sixth phase of the transition begins 27th April 2031 and ends 12th November 2034. In this phase we will gain insight about how the Universe was created.

2034: PHASE SEVEN – ‘Evolution of Space Travel’

The seventh phase of the transition begins 13th November 2034 and ends 16th November 2064. The seventh and final phase of the transition is perhaps the most difficult to imagine as it marks the dawn of a new era for our planet and that is the ‘Space Age’.

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