The Òphèlius are a unique group of female savants whose origins are a complete mystery.  The Òphèlius are not of human origin, they are classified as Deyads who are divine beings who somewhat resemble humans.  They are of average height with slanted eyes of kaleidoscopic colors. They typically wear pretty long dresses, ornate jewelry, decorative headwear and simple footwear.

The Òphèlius live in a divine realm known as Òphèlia in a complex triangular star system situated in the outer regions of the Universe. The entire realm is shrouded in a bright white light that can be seen from far and wide. There are four planets in the realm however only one of them is inhabited by the Òphèlius.

The Òphèlius are entrusted with the ability to manifest life wherever it is needed. The children are divinely created by a divine source and given to them to raise.  There is a sacred place where the Òphèlius gather in order to manifest their children. There is a period of waiting measured by a timepiece that resembles a sundial but as there is no sun it is measured by light that comes from the stars. Once the light has faded a ray of divine white light appears before them and in the light are several messengers carrying newly born infants who are given to their chosen mother. The children must be enlightened, taught to respect others, made aware and above all loved unconditionally.

The Òphèlius raise the children until adulthood at which time they are sent to wherever they are needed on assignment as children of enlightenment.  The Òphèlius Children, as they will be known, will be assigned to this planet during the latter stages of our ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in progress.

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