The Nàtivans are ancient prophets hail from a tiny planet named Nativa situated in a remote corner of the Universe. The Nàtivan civilization is one of the most ancient of its kind in the Universe. They are a metaphysical people and by that I mean they are very spiritual. They believe in several ancient mythological gods and goddesses who guide and protect them. Nàtivans are masters of a transcendental meditation technique whereby they are able to transport themselves metaphysically to other dimensions.

Nativa is a rather unusual planet as it is made up solely of islands all with lush vegetation, flora and fauna. This is a planet with a great deal of seismic activity that causes volcanoes to erupt on a regular basis however these eruptions are not dangerous as they are situated on rock islands that are uninhabited.

Nàtivans live a simple life unencumbered by materialistic needs or financial woes. That said they are not a simple people far from it! The Nàtivans have a wealth of knowledge of the Universe and were among the first civilizations to inhabit it. The Nàtivan philosophy is one of many facets and that is to live a peaceful life, love unconditionally and to strive for the advancement of human wisdom.

The Nàtivans have incarnated on our planet for several millennia and were the originators of the First Nations also known as the Northern American Indians who are the indigenous people of Canada and United States.

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