‘Déjà vu’, the French term meaning “already seen”, is a paranormal phenomenon experienced by so many and yet understood by so very few. The ability to tap into a past or concurrent life memory can be an amazing experience for all who believe in it.

The ‘déjà vu’ occurrences usually last but a few seconds and are often misconstrued. You see it is not always a past life memory, it can be a concurrent life memory or a historical regression. You will be interested to know that we are able to communicate our thoughts and memories to other levels of existence we call planes. While this may seem rather confusing it is actually a rather simple process. In essence all it takes to transmit information to another plane is a thought.

A typical ‘déjà vu’ is when a person’s energy field infiltrates another from a bygone era and this is called a historical regression. The person experiencing it literally steps back in time. The next most common experience is when a person mentally visualizes a scene that is unfolding before it actually happens and this is called a concurrent life memory. In other words what you are about to do has already happened in another dimension of time called a plane. Interestingly enough the least common of the ‘déjà vu’ phenomena is when someone is pulled into another life by a shift in time energy called a past life memory.

In summary ‘déjà vu’ is a form of time travel that has baffled Mankind since the discovery of relativity.

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