The Áfràreans are a unique civilization known for their unusual lifestyle and fundamental beliefs. They have an immense love of nature, so much so that most of their time is spent outdoors in pursuit of solace and spiritual harmony.  The Áfràreans have dark complexions, jet black hair and large brown or green eyes. They love to wear ornate clothing in vibrant colors and elaborate head bands

The Áfràreans live on a small planet called Afrarea situated in the outer regions of the Universe.  Afrarea is a beautiful planet that has lush tropical forests, huge lagoons and intricate underground caverns that extend seven hundred miles. Afrarea is also home to some rather exotic animal groups that are completely different from any of the animals that inhabit our planet.

The Áfràreans have several beliefs that they adhere to, one of which is a very simple philosophical prayer that they believe brings them spiritual abundance and emotional balance. The Áfràreans also believe in a celestial god who they worship in a daily ritual held in temples made of gold and platinum. These temples are intricate in their design and construction..

The Áfràreans have an abundance of knowledge about space travel and the Universe. They also have a great understanding of the complex and diverse composition of energy travel that they use to traverse the Universe when time is of the essence.

The Áfràreans have contributed towards the evolution of our planet in so many ways and are continuing to do so. As the founders of one of our most ancient civilizations the Áfràreans are saddened by the unfortunate poverty and turmoil that have become a way of life for so many people on our planet.

The Áfràreans have incarnated on this planet for several millennia and are the originators of the African civilizations.

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