The Venutiens are a beautiful group of prophets whose origins are a complete mystery. They were discovered quite by accident by a group of angels while on a mission to another realm beyond the confines of the Universe. It was a fortuitous discovery because not only did they find a new realm but multiple realms that are all interconnected.

The Venutiens are classified as Deyads who are divine beings who somewhat resemble humans. They are a highly intelligent species who have infinite vision and wisdom. They live on a tiny planet called Venutia that is surrounded by artificial light produced by their own energy which is very bright and colorful.  Venutia is mystical place where life is quite magical.  It is divided into quadrants each with its own topography and unique structures.  The entire planet looks and feels like the fictional fantasy land of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ written by Lewis Carroll.

The Venutiens are 5 to 5½ feet tall, have fair to medium complexion and slanted eyes of many colors.  The women wear long and very colorful dresses, decorative slipper-like footwear and beautiful headwear.  The men wear decorative long robes of many colors, unusual headwear and plain slipper-like footwear.

The Venutiens are a significant part of our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in progress.

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