It is important to know how to choose a pendulum as it is a divination tool.  Before you purchase your first pendulum it is extremely important to understand what a pendulum symbolizes and what it should be used for. Once you understand that it is only to be used to validate information received from your Angels and Guides then your pendulum will become a wonderful way of connecting with them.  ​

How to choose a pendulum. The next step is to find a pendulum that is a perfect fit for you. The best pendulums to use are the ones with crystal points. The pendulum weight should be anywhere between 0.50 ounces and 0.75 ounces for best results. Ideally the pendulum chain should be plain and free of any embellishments.

The crystal you choose is also significant because you need to connect with its energy.   To find out which crystal is best for you hold each crystal in the palm of your dominant hand and see how it ‘feels’.   If the crystal you held gave you a sense of calmness or a tingling sensation then it is a good choice for you. Experiencing a sense of calmness means that you have connected with the energy emitted by the crystal. If you experienced a tingling sensation while you held it this means that you connected with one of your angels or guides.

We are often drawn to the colors or types of crystals we love when looking to purchase a pendulum but if you are unable to connect with them (as described above) then they are not a good choice for you.

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