The most interesting of all angel related subjects pertains to the many who live among us.

From the early introduction of angels to our planet there have been angels based here in a parallel dimension known as the paraphysical plane that literally overlaps the third dimension in which we live. This means that there are angels living within close proximity to us who walk in and out of our lives without being noticed because they look just like we do.

Among the thousands of angels currently based here are:

*   Archangel Ária
*   Archangel Athena
*   Archangel Daniel
*   Archangel David
*   Archangel Gabriel
*   Archangel Kàm
*   Archangel Kalim
*   Archangel Mètatrón
*   Archangel Michael
*   Archangel Raphael
*   Archangel Ùriél

Over the course of our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’ we will be given detailed information about angels, their whereabouts and their assignments to this planet. We will also have a better understanding of how angels integrate their lives with ours.

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