A clairvoyant child is someone who has the ability to see future events, people, places or things in the metaphysical sense.

Children with clairvoyant abilities experience a broad spectrum of emotions ranging from curiosity and excitement to fear and distress. It is very difficult for people who are not clairvoyant to imagine what it must be like for children to be able to see ‘dead’ people. Not only do children see spirits of people who once lived a life here, they also have the ability to see Angels and Spirit Guides.

Clairvoyant children have the ability to bring comfort through readings to people seeking messages from deceased loved ones and to establish a connection between this life and the life that we will eventually return to.

There are many clairvoyant children who do not understand the meaning of the visual messages they receive nor do they comprehend their role in delivering them to the individuals for whom they are intended. More often than not these children are not given any instruction about metaphysical subjects which is something that will change in time.

Children with clairvoyant abilities will soon be able to experience a new form of telepathic visualization that will enable them to see images of different planets and stars from around the Universe.

Clairvoyant children are to be cherished because they have a very significant role to play in the spiritual evolution of this planet.

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