The Osìrìs are a formidable group of advanced humans who have been in existence long before the Universe was created. They are a large race and by that I mean they are of great stature and strength.  They have fair to medium complexions and eyes of many colors.  Their clothing is remarkably simple.  The males mainly wear shirts and trousers made of thick fabric tucked into heavy boots.  The females always wear long robes and hooded cloaks also made of thick fabric worn over heavy boots.

The Osìrìs hail from a large habitat known as a triangular realm called Osìrìa. This particular realm has four dimensions that criss cross each other causing an atmospheric phenomenon that emits beautiful green lights in the sky similar to the Aurora Borealis. Osìrìa comprises seven extensive star systems with hundreds of planets all inhabited by the Osìrìs and their descendants.

The Osìrìs have a simple ideology. They have no government, no cultural or social differences whatsoever and no wars.  They are an ethical people who provide equality for all citizens.  One of their biggest accomplishments was the development of a simple but effective transit system for each of the realm’s planets.  Additionally the Osìrìs designed an unusual interplanetary travel system specifically built to access all planets no matter their location or journey distance which is typically in light years.

The Osìrìs were among the first humans to visit our planet eons ago in order to evaluate its evolution.  They were accompanied by the Árian Angels and the Star Angels.  The Osìrìs are a huge component of our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ currently in progress.

Reference:  Ancient Aliens

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